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Welcome to Cape & Dantzig.

An interior design studio run by designer 

Cosima Sempill - Lewis, based in London.


About Cosima


      My love of interior design began whilst watching my mother curate spaces, flip houses, style shoots, renovate and recreate our family home time and time again whilst moving around Southern Africa and Scotland. I learnt quickly the importance of one’s environment and how to imprint personality into an empty space.


I joined her company, Vanburgh Interiors, whilst studying ceramic design at Glasgow School of Art and we tackled a wealth of private residential projects. These ranged from Georgian town houses and miniature castles in Aberdeenshire to new-build apartments, lofts and listed buildings in the heart of the historical old town. 


In conjunction with this, I launched Kitty & Dude, a ceramic design and illustration company and exhibited widely. This knowledge of craft has instilled an appreciation of hand - made, skilled design which is now woven into my interior design process.

In 2012, I relocated to London and spent several years working at Nicholas Haslam Ltd, an award-winning, luxury interior design studio and then leapt into property management, overseeing 10+ properties.


Once I was back in the realm of creating interior spaces, I realised that this was where I wanted to remain. It was that passion which led to the creation of Cape & Dantzig Interior Design Studio.



 I believe a successful interior should feel authentic, practical and harmonious and that no two should be the same. I aim to create comfortable, soulful spaces which respect the flow and function of a home and to produce designs that last, rather than follow trends.

 Cape & Dantzig is committed to doing what we can within our remit to engage in and

practise sustainable design. 

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